Are you new in town? Do you think you are too old to make friends? Do you want to get out more and have new experiences? Or just plain bored?  Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions you're in luck.  Meetup is an online website designed to bring neighbors together, to learn something, share something, and do something. It helps me combine getting online with getting offline, to have new experiences. I've been a member since 2008 and use the site frequently.

The website caters to your sense of adventure and hobbies. It has groups on traveling, fashion, education, food, crafts, and many more interest areas. Once you sign up, than you are able to join the groups and register for the events. You meet new people and get to have the best experiences along the way.

  I recently relocated and needed a way to figure out what the city had to offer. My love of trying new things, traveling, and sense of adventure craved to know.  My living life calendar is full with ziplining, a masquerade ball, being a foodie, game nights, traveling, and other exciting adventures.  I am being blessed by Meetup to feed my sense of adventure. So, get online to get offline, you won't be disappointed. 

Published by Laina Larisse