If my bed has its own contributor of gorgeous DNA for gorgeous babies, I would have been pregnant. Heck! I would have been a gorgeous (yes, do you have any problem with that? *laughs*) mother to gorgeous babies (and yes, plural). If you also love to cuddle all day and all night with your four-cornered ( or no-sides-but-on-point-in-every-side) irresistible partner, we could have been friends! Heck! We could have been exchanging gifts as godparents to our gorgeous babies! We will throw them slumber parties on their birthdays and play noisy pillow fights after midday. If you could stand an almost all day of a not-leaving-your-throne moment because you are binge-watching your favorite TV series or you can't put the oh-this-is-so-good-the-plot-just-got-so-intense book down, I could hang all day with you! Together, we will slay the day with our hardworking minds and focused eyes as we celebrate the great Isaac Newton's first law of motion (not allowing those external forces to come in). If you have the amazing still-in-bed-nothing-special-just-contemplating-on-life talent, wow! I am so pleased to meet you!


You cannot deny that it is captivating (somehow), right? Bed. Indescribable feelings. Cozy weather. Three perfect ingredients for that perfect potion recipe that will cast a strong spell on you -- a spell of depriving yourself of the wonderful pleasures in life. Once you're caged in it, you will lose your vision. You will lose your track. You will eventually thrown in a place full of happy vibes and fancy promises. You will fall into that pit. Come on. Who wouldn't love to see all things beautiful? But beware! Behind those fancy thoughts and feelings from your bed habits that have been occupying your brain activity is a monstrous deceitful reality.

You love spending time in your bed -- doing activities that please you all day long. You love it so dearly you do not notice the things around you. Yes, you felt good. Yes, you enjoyed it. But did it make you feel alive? There lies the rub. Experienced those firsthand, my answer is no. It's a metaphor. Your bed is like your comfort zone. You are confident no one will hurt you if you dwell in it. You are you when you are in that safe zone. I am not saying you are not you outside that safe zone I've been telling you. You are just a hundred and ten percent certain about your being. Albeit, it is really a happy hobby, but it isn't a fulfilling spark of day. What will happen if you won't get out of your bed?

  • You won't get to do an exercise.

And by exercise, I meant growth. Just lying on that comfortable mattresses won't give you the growth your soul needs and surely craves. Your bones need an exercise just as your individuality needs a boost. Exercise may be painful and tedious, but remember what our gym teachers taught us about exercises? You will be fit and healthy. Your body will thank you later. It is the same with growth. You may experience a lot of crying sessions and heartbreaking moments because you have come across with pain and rejections, but remember those motivational quotes from people? Think of what were those people have been telling us. Do the things you thought you cannot do. Rise above your failures. Chase your dreams. Your soul will thank you later.

I go to seek a great perhaps. - John Green

  • You won't see what's outside.

Okay, I know this is kind of funny. But hey, remember it's a metaphor. If you won't get out of your bed, you won't see all those paths of amazing opportunities. You won't see what's in store for you. Your eyes deserve to witness the grand creations and the immense innovations in this world. Your skin deserves to feel the air's warmth. Your skin deserves the radiating glow of the majestic sun. Your soul craves for personal human interaction. You need friends and by friends, I meant life. You deserve to live a life.

What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable? - John Green

  • You will feel and get sick. And then you'll die.

In connection with the first one (and okay, to the second thought, as well), you will reach the end point. This is the destruction phase. A dark and infuriating space. Oh, don't freak out (but yeah, brutal honesty)! We are talking about metaphors here! *smiles* But then, we would really get sick if we don't get to exercise and get enough Vitamin D, so yeah. Anyway, what I am trying to tell you is that you'll feel lost. Lost in your own life. This isn't a good idea. Sick means feeling sick and tired of yourself. Sick that you are stuck in a place where you aren't feeling happy and satisfied. Sick that you are betrayed by your own idea of a safe zone. Sooner or later, you'll die. Your dreams will die. The fire in your heart will die. Your soul will die. Literally and figuratively speaking, not getting out of bed, not stepping out of your comfort zone will get you killed. Please do not allow these to happen. You are strong and talented. Always believe in that.

 The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings. - Julius Caesar

Believe me or not, I have been into these three notes. I didn't like it. It was difficult, I am telling you. It was not an overnight task. You really have to work for it. But I clung onto faith that this will bring me to places -- places where my heart truly desires, where my questions get answers, where sadness be replaced with genuine happiness. And I am glad I did. I am proud I did. Now, I can hear you murmuring with each other. Do not worry. My goal is to share with you the thing that I did to finally get out of my bed, my comfort zone. And do not worry because you won't have to purchase anything or watch a video. This. Just. Comes. With. A. Sincere. Heart. And. A. Happy. Vibe. How did I get out of my bed? I just woke up. Simple as that. Open your eyes to life's reality. Start making a change. Take the risk and accept lots of challenges. You will get to toughen your spirit up when you close the door to your miseries and decide on getting the sweet sunshine you deserve. If you are bothered and worried how if you will get tired? Easy. Just go back to sleep. Rest. So that when you wake up, you will get a hundred percent full in your energy bar. And you will never feel the same again. I promise, this will be the beginning of your success.

You just have to open your beautiful eyes, feel your heart, and awaken your spirit.


Published by Jc Fugnit