Most of us can’t help but be stuck in our comfort zone. We fear change, which is why we feel enclosed in our environment. Some of us can’t help it but spend most of our day at home. We feel comfortable at our home because we can nap, eat, play games, watch TV shows, and study. For those of you who can get productive work done at your home, I applaud you for it because frankly I can’t.

At home I am too comfortable therefore I easily get distracted. I am sure a quite few of you can agree with me. If you do, I highly advise you to find a location where you can achieve the highest productivity. In my case, I am at most efficient at a cafe or library. The atmosphere there helps me stay focused so whenever I can, I drag myself out to a nearby cafe. It is human nature for us to adapt to our environment. So force yourself to be surrounded in an atmosphere that can help you be productive. Stop making excuses and be true to yourself. Don't get too complacent in life. I have few acquaintances that believe that once they graduate college that miraculously a top firm/company will scout them and say here work for us we will pay you six figures... Yes it's possible, but only if you have a 4.0 GPA, with tons of field experiences relating to the position. However, if you think a steak will be served on a silver platter for you without putting in the hard sweat and work... Oh boy, are  you still naive and living in a fantasy. Frankly I was there as well, I hoped that somehow I would get scouted by a kind company that will pick me up because I'm a good person. What a childish mentality I had back then. Mom and dad never told me how tough the real world is. If only I had known back then in high school or freshmen year in college... I was a very lazy individual back then, I enjoyed staying home on my laptop playing League of Legends, watching dramas, skipping school. I got comfortable... I got complacent... I told myself I will be more productive tomorrow... next week.... next month.... Years have gone by. They say I was young, they say it was alright I'm supposed to be just enjoying my youth. Looking back now, anyone that has said that to me back then, were no better than I. They were complacent with their lives, they were satisfied with living from paycheck to paycheck, making $30,000/year. They lost hope, they gave up, they didn't want to put in extra hours of work to achieve that six-figure income. I was surrounded by lazy people, and truth is at the time I didn't mind. As I realized that, the life I wanted was different I started to hang out with those whom I admired and desired to become. Wow! Just being around them and talking with them you start to pickup on their habits. You start to become like them. You start to have their mindset, wisdom is passed on, and more opportunities start to open up.  It wasn't easy letting go of my past, my usage of drugs, smoking, and lifestyle. But once you start getting out of your comfort and work for that success you've always dreamt of, you will see change. Success isn't given or deserved.. it is EARNED! Get out of your comfort zone!



Published by daniel lee