So it turns out young escalona might be getting his youtube shut down which is real sad because I like his little 10 minute snippets of his day and whilst I don't think he's inspired me to do anything it's nice to relax to. 

Whilst Justin's losing his job let's talk about how I got mine. 

I'm not terribly sure how it happened. I think I was planning on getting a job, or perhaps eh I thought it would be cool to get a job or something like that. Actually na I remember why. Mum on her natty Asian social network sees a job posting for someone to serve tea or something at a new chinese takeaway thing. It's 8 hours a week for £4 an hour. When I hear about it I'm ecstatic, I could be making £32 a week! 

Mum emails the guy and he's like na fam don't want no punk kids and I'm deflated, lost my opportunity to make those big bucks. 

A few weeks later I'm sitting around procrastinating my ass off and just as a joke check out some jobs in my area. I think I decided to check out phone jobs because I dunno I used to like phones. 

I decide to click off because I was never going to get a job at this age at an actual company.

Then I realised that I was being a little bitch and what's the saying? You miss every shot you don't take. I grab a quick resume template online (primer magazine if anyone's interested) edit it a little and write the most outrageous resume ever written. I send it in and forget about it for a while. 

A few weeks later I get a call asking me to come in for an interview. I tell my parents and go on the Wednesday before I go to volunteering. I honestly didn't do much interview prep. It's a job selling phones there's not much rote to learn so I thought I'd just turn up and boss it. 

On the way in I play my psych up songs, can't actually remember what they are but I get buzzed. Walk into the store, chat to the people working for a bit then get in for my interview. The tropes are real, you really should speak to the receptionist people because she put in a pretty good word with the boss. 

I do pretty well in the interview and goof around with the people and whilst they didn't actually have a position for me they made one because I'm dope as hell. 

I think what helped me was that I didn't bother revising. It wasn't an office job where I need to crunch figures and make spreadsheets, I just let my personality shine and go from there. People writing job resumes usually just write one general thing and disseminate it through the world. I wrote a resume for a phone salesperson and that's why I think I got hired because it was specific, not some random buckshot. 

Published by Kevin Li