Halloween was probably the best day of the year for me and my friends when we were kids. We used to wait for it patiently and have the best time of our life together. Wearing costumes, going out at night, annoying our neighbors, getting candies, etc. We wish we could go back to those days. Along with all these, another fun thing that we used to do during Halloween week, was playing mystery and horror-themed board games.

Halloween is coming soon, and if you are a board game enthusiast and are looking for some spooky board games to play with your friends then keep reading as we have selected the top-rated horror tabletop games for you. They range from mysteries, to zombies and finally to a good old classic horror fun!

Top 6 Mystery and Horror Themed Board games of all time: -

1.    Eldritch Horror: - Eldritch horror is undoubtedly one of the best horror board games out there. In this board game, your group will be challenged to save the world from encroaching monsters and horrors from outer space. Each round of the game is difficult, your group has to survive as the cultists attempt to wake the old ones. Each card has amazing text fonts that add to the horror theme.

2.     Betrayal at House on the Hill: - Betrayal at house on the hill is one of the classics. It comes with a great storyline and has really good reviews everywhere. This game is all about unrevealing secrets about the house on the hill. Players will perform haunts while one person on the game will be secretly trying to sabotage others' game. This game is a perfect combination of mystery and horror with a little bit of detective work from the players. This game creates suspense for hours and is perfect for a group of 4 to 6 people.

3.     Mysterium: - Another great mystery-themed board game is Mysterium. In this game, one player gets put in an electro-plasm shoe of a dead guy who becomes a speechless ghost that tries to reveal the killer, where the murder happened, and what weapon was used. Visually transmitted clues will be given to different psychics who will help to solve the mystery. Different pictures will be given as clues along with codenames which will point towards one suspect. The group work is to identify the killer before his/her final act.

4.    Dead of Winter: - This is another great game that can be 1 vs all, but you can never be sure who the traitor is in your party. It has zombies too. The main objective of your team will be to survive from being killed by zombies, along with that, all the different characters will have their own story to complete and there could be 1 person in your group who has a confidential objective that can make them the winner instead of the group surviving.

5.    Dead Man on the Orient Express: - This game is a part of Exit, which is a series of escape games. In this game, you will have to escape from a train and at the same time figure out who committed the murder. This can be fun if you want to have some thrill vibes during Halloween week.

6.    Nyctophobia: - Just like the name suggests, this game is about fear of darkness. You will probably get the most horror from this game than any others. Players will be wearing glasses that cause a blackout and they have to find their way through a forest at the same time avoiding being killed by a hunter with an axe. You might wanna keep your drinks off the table while playing this one.

Conclusion: -

There you go,  these are the top 6 mystery and horror type games of all times. Have a happy Halloween! 


Published by Mohaned Gadnne