'How to be organised in business and in life, by one of Australia's leading entrepreneurs and founder of The Remarkables Group. Be so good they can't ignore you. Is your life chaotic? Are you hungry for advice on how to live calmly, happily and productively? The cornerstone of success at work and at home is being organised and, with Lorraine's help, you can achieve this by forming excellent habits - in a way that's easy and fun, not stressful.'

I can definitely see this book helping a lot of people organise their lives and become more productive, unfortunately for me, I didn't really find anything new to help improve my life.

Some of the chapters in this book didn't really apply to me and the ones that did didn't really help. I don't no if it was the way I was raised but a lot of the tricks and tips in this book I found to just be common sense, nothing new.

I was really hoping to find some tips in this book, so I was disappointed with what I found. A lot of the things talked about in this book are true and I have found that they work but they aren't anything that most people shouldnt already know how to do.

For the chapters that didn't apply to me; like running a business and caring for children, I didn't get the chance to try any of these tips but I can see the appeal and the way in which they could work.

I can see this book genuinely helping some people, but for me it was just reinforcing the things I already do and the rules and lessons that my parents instilled in me during my childhood.

Get Remarkably Organised by Lorraine Murphy could be what you are looking for to help you become your best self.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker