images-8I stress about EVERYTHING! I stress so much, I’ve been told that’s what’s going to kill me. Here’s something to think about, is it stressing or what caused the stress and how I choose to cope with it that’d kill me? I once read a quote that said, “being broke is part of the game but staying broke is some personal shit” and we’re going to use that same concept but with pain. “Getting hurt is part of the game but staying hurt is some personal shit” does that make sense? My mother advised me years ago to not let my past control my future, best advice ever told to me.  

At some point in time or another, everyone has been through something that’s causeddownload-23 them some sort of pain and whether that pain was physical or emotional, it’s definitely unforgettable. An old man once told me, “You live and you learn, if you didn’t learn anything then you’re not living” and that’s probably why I’m always questioning everything. I evaluate situations thoroughly as I attempt, sometimes even struggle, to see the lesson behind it. When understanding anything, I need to understand WHY in order for WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW to be understood. I’ve never been the type to believe anything I’m told without proof to support it or hearing it straight from the horse's mouth. I trust the horse enough to wear it’s hair, I don’t see why I couldn’t trust it’s word. JK, LMFAO!

download-22No one wants to learn a lesson, especially when they’re in the wrong, and I get that but if you’ve hurt someone you care about do you not care to understand the pain your actions have caused so you don’t hurt them again, especially if you claim to not have meant to hurt them? No one wants to look at things from someone else’s perspective, especially if they’ve been hurt, and I get that too, but I’ve come to learn and have the hardest time getting others to grasp that just because something was taken a certain way, doesn’t mean it was intended that way. 

Once you understand things, learning your lesson becomes a lot easier and so does download-20the healing. Like I said earlier, we’ve all been hurt but will you overcome it or back down and be its victim? When I first began doing presentations as a youth advocate, they wanted me to refer to myself as a victim, and I found that funny considering I wasn’t one when seeking victim compensation but whatever. It was then decided to refer to me as a survivor, which I guess I am but I didn’t want people looking at me differently nor do I want any sympathy. I’m a person just like you except my story is different and I don’t want to be judged because of it.

Every lesson, no matter if I realized it myself or was taught, heavily influences every decision I make going forward. Learning a lesson requires you to understand what’s taken place, why it’s happened, etc. My lessons have molded me into the strong (although not emotionally, damn sure mentally and physically), opinionated, articulate, understanding woman that I am. I don’t think many people expected me to overcome all that I have but SURPRISE, I have. Overcoming ANYTHING is a difficult, but overcoming pain can be one hell of a challenge and I can vouch for that, but you’ve got to get past it. Remaining hurt is a choice and you’re not only hurting yourself but you prevent yourself from growing as a person when doing so. You’re letting whatever and whoever has hurt you win, is that what you want?

download-19“There’s no better person to vent to than a stranger” and if anyone ever just needed an ear, I'm here! Much like you’ve all been here for me and I appreciate every viewer and follower. You’ve all replaced my therapist and she’s not too happy about it.

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