Does this really work?

From first hand experience I can honestly say yes, it really does. I am never an instant believer of these things, but I have tried it for myself and seen the difference that it makes. I also had my mum try it to ensure it definitely did.

You can buy these from any Nu Skin representative. I noticed a difference in my teeth within the first week. I definitely enjoy having a whiter smile and I am most certain that you would too. People may find this costly for a toothpaste, but in my opinion, I would rather buy a toothpaste at this price than pay for a really expensive treatment which may or may not work. There has been a lot of light shined on people offering teeth whitening sessions that are not properly qualified to do these treatments.

This toothpaste is made to whiten teeth and fight plaque formation, it does not contain any harmful peroxides so it is safe to use on your teeth. This toothpaste will help remove any stains on your teeth and return your teeth to their natural colour. If you have already had a successful teeth whitening session, this toothpaste would be helpful to keep stains off your teeth. It has a lovely minty taste to it, but not as strong as your general drug store toothpaste. It is much more pleasant! 

I can't recommend this product enough! It is AMAZING

Love, Jaz

Published by Jaz Kainth