With Halloween behind us, the holiday time can begin – a home full of happy guests, great food and festive atmosphere. Just as millions of homeowners across the world, chances are that you too will host the inevitable cavalcade of friends and relatives who come to visit every year. However, before you take out your Christmas decorations and lay out the table for the feast, you should make your home shine. On the other hand, all the preparation and shopping, all-scale scrubbing and cleaning on the eve of holidays can be pretty stressful. However, if you focus on these three essential areas, your home can be ready for holidays in no time.

Outdoors and entrance

Clean out the gutters and remove any remaining cobwebs and wasp nests, to get your home exterior ready for holiday decorations. Wipe the door clean as well as the light fixtures, and replace any burnt-out light bulbs. Make sure all the doormats are clean, as they will minimize the amount of dirt in your home. Your door is now ready for a wreath. A good strategy is to make a universal twig wreath and then just rewire it with different floral stems, berries and ribbons depending on the season and the upcoming holiday. Move all the extra clothes and shoes from the hallway into spare rooms, closets or storage containers. Concentrate on high traffic areas and remove the clutter from the sight. Make sure your home smells good and welcoming by scattering fall/winter scented candles throughout your home.

Living and dining room

Dust and wipe shelves, cabinets, doorways, mantles and furniture inside out. Hardwood surfaces are best cleaned with just a dust mop, as cleaners are likely to leave residue which actually attracts dust. Then, move on to decorating - you can avoid those cheesy snow globes and still bring snow indoors. Fill selected mason jars and glass goblets with artificial snow, miniature trees you can buy at a dollar store and spark them up with a line of fairy lights. Make the dining table even more festive by decorating it with a couple of old wine bottles that you’ll paint-spray gold and roll them in glitter. Place them in the middle of the table and add a blossoming mimosa twig in each one.  

Bedrooms and bathrooms

The best part of this strategy is that you don‘t have to do everything in a single day. Declutter and decorate the front yard and the entrance in advance, and clean the guest bedrooms and bathrooms the day before they arrive. For bedrooms, do the whole nine yards you’ve done in the living room, but pay special attention to carpets, especially if your guests are allergic to dust. People behind the renowned New Age Carpet Cleaning use powerful vacuums and safe cleaning solutions, and the best part is that your carpet will be dry in only three hours. Place a tabletop faux Christmas tree by the bed to put your guests in the holiday mood and remember to lay out fresh linen and towels. Wipe and mop the bathroom fixtures and make sure mats are freshly laundered. Echo the holiday tune from the bedroom and add some greenery swag to the mirror. Make a few Christmas accents like a pair of pots with cyclamen and a glass jar filled with red and gold ornaments.   

Getting your home ready for holidays can be broken in three phases - preparing and decorating the entrance, the entertainment area and the lodging area. With guests during the holiday season, there is a good chance they’ll be staying over for a night or two, so having a guest bedroom ready is always smart.  


Published by Emma Lawson