I decided to try a new thing and order something called Goodiebox.
Goodiebox is a monthly box that you get sent to you and contains makeupproducts, hairproducts, skincareproducts and fragrances in special sizes. I decided to try a couple of months out and to see how it is and if I am satisfied. I have gotten the first Goodiebox which is for the month of september.

I thought that september would be a nice month to start because I wanted to see what kind of products they would collect and send now that autumn is approaching and we have to prepare our skin for colder times and we need to take more care of our skin in these autum and winter months, but still try and keep the last little summerglow that we have in us.

The good thing about Goodiebox is that you get the Goodiebox and it's value with the products is bigger than what you actually pay for the box to begin with. In the box you also get a little folder with the different products so that you can read about them, see their original price and Goodiebox even gives you a tip about how you could use the product.

I have yet to try out the products but I am feeling good about it and I really think that I will have a good use of these amazing products. And of course I am looking forward to receiving the october goodiebox and check out what kind of products I will get.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Published by Elma Omukic