Normally, I don't make trips to the thrift store with the intention of finding articles of clothing. I did happen to do so one year in particular with a friend of mine a few years back, but that was for an outfit to wear to her annual ugly sweater party. I admit that I have made numerous trips to my local Goodwill stores to locate pieces of furniture that was awaiting a fresh coat of paint. Actually if I'm being honest, I would always find these items without meaning to do so but what is a girl to do when finding the perfect book shelf in need of a little TLC?

Today, however, was a new adventure. I waltzed into my local thrift store unaware of what I was looking for exactly. I wanted to browse as I typically spend time window-shopping at HomeGoods or Ross when enjoying an afternoon off. Apparently I was more ready for the cooler weather than I thought after making a pit stop to take joy in an acai bowl in the Nevada heat.

While skimming several warmer coats hanging in my designated size rack, I came to find that the majority was not exactly the size I was hoping to find. There were several jackets and sweaters that caught my eye but I was unsuccessful in finding one that I absolutely had to have. That is, until I saw a bit of canvas peeking out in the midst of the XL size range. I took a peek and mentally prepared for it to be too large for my frame. It looked as if it may fit when I pulled it from the rack and just my luck. It did!






You caught me. Maybe I didn’t have to have it. You gotta admit though, it does look pretty stylish for steal at $6! I’m excited to pair it with my collection of boots and scarves I’ve collected over the years that have not seen the light of day very often due to the fact that Arizona does not get to cold in the winter. Nevada, however, does get colder and you can enjoy actually dressing warm. Yay!

I carried around my new jacket while browsing the area that is all too familiar to me, home goods. I did almost get a wood crafted candlestick, but really, that was the only item I was drawn to. Making a left down the isle containing used books and VHS tapes ready to walk out in sweet victory with my find, I saw a bag on the end cap of the isle I was previously venturing down.






Maybe I didn’t find it, it found me. Call it coincidence, I call it fate (cheesy, I know). I had been looking for warn down looking bag recently, I love the vintage appeal. I had been searching for a casual carryall bag to take with me for when I decide to bring my camera along on my adventures. This was perfect! Staring me in the face was this tote that is not only perfect for my camera to tag along with me, but big enough to bring along anything else I could want to have for a day full of quests.



What are some of your favorite thrift stores to visit or the best items you’ve found so far?

Published by Nichole L