A USB microscope is a microscope with an integrated digital camera that can be connected directly to the PC via USB (sometimes called a mini-microscope for short). The images and videos that you create with a USB microscope can be viewed without problems on the monitor/computer screen and/or stored on the hard disk. One could call a USB microscope also as "digital enlargement camera" or "hand microscope".

USB is the abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus. This refers to a particular connection form of a data carrier. Today, almost all technical devices are equipped with a USB port, which allows relatively easy transfer of data.

How to choose a USB microscope?

The USB microscope is a fun toy for children, a great addition to mums or ladies, but also a great aid for dads. It is different if they have or do not have a light, what kind of magnification and what the holder has. The bracket is a very important part of the microscope because, especially at larger magnifications, good focusing may be more complex and requires more precise work. All of our microscopes have an LED corrected image correction.

The easiest division of microscopes is according to what they will serve.

For children to play:

Children need to have their toys entertained, they must be easy to use and results and their own magnification are not so important.

Therefore, we recommend microscopes up to 200x magnification.

The line below is a line on the table top with a magnification of 20x.

USB microscopes differ mainly in terms of the quality of the optical system ( lens ) and the camera. With the camera, one should pay attention to the actual resolution. Especially the cost-effective USB microscopes have only a relatively low resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Larger images are then interpolated (i.e scaled up without quality gain).

Microscope for women?

Well clearly :) You have the opportunity to check immediately whether your hair ends, how it keeps you in color or what your nails are.

With the recommended magnification of 200x or better 500x, you have the chance to be perfect and make any minor flaws before anyone notices it. 800x magnification is recommended for cosmetic studies and professional use.

Many USB microscopes are in the form of larger flashlights. You hold it on the object to be examined and then sees the magnification on the PC screen. Some devices also provide a transmitted light unit. This is usually a separate Mikroskopfuß with a rod on which you can attach the USB microscope height adjustable. However, the fine adjustment is rather rough and does not allow the same accuracy (see fine drive) as conventional light microscopes.

Buy USB microscope

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Published by Kaushal Shah