Getting a baby in the family is a life changing experience. There is a lot to know beforehand, so that your family can transition smoothly from being just a couple to a couple with a child. This is especially true of couples who can conceive naturally. But what about couples who have to deal with infertility issues, and cannot, or do not want to get pregnant by artificial means? They have the choice to adopt a child.

When a couple decides to adopt a child or a baby, they are essentially deciding to extend their legal status as parents to the child. There are different factors involved in this decision. For example, the couple has a choice to decide the age and race. They even have the choice of adopting domestically or internationally. Once that decision is made, the couple can move on with the process.

However, as easy as it sounds, it is by no means a simple one. Where the natural birth involves a lot of physical and emotional difficulties, adoption is burdened with an increased possibility of emotional distress and legal issues. And that is the reason why most couples reach for an attorney or an agency. An attorney or an agency helps couples navigate the murky waters of legislation involved with adoption.

For example, there is a lot of paperwork to go through. Thereafter, the couples have to prepare for a home evaluation. But that is not all. The background and family values reflected in the couple also needs to undergo an evaluation. These checks are performed by a social worker. They are not your enemies though. These social workers can provide necessary counseling to fill up any inadequacies that they may find in their checks.

Next, the couple still needs to find an appropriate birth mother. Most of the times, these agencies or attorneys make that very easy for the couples. However, agencies are a bit more effective because they have a systematic approach towards the process. They help the couples meet potential birth mothers to get acquainted with each other. It is very important for the birth mother to be sure that her child is going to be in the hands of caring, loving parents. Attorneys find birth mothers a bit differently. They utilize their networks for this purpose, and sometimes put up advertisements to find the ideal birth mothers for their clients. It is important to note, that some states do not consider it legal to approach attorneys for the purpose of adoption. Aspiring couples should research this before finding an attorney to avoid legal consequences and a potential blacklisting by adoption agencies.

Finally, adoption costs both money and time. The money involved can range from as low as $7500 up to a staggering $35,000. And couples may have to wait for as low as three months or upwards of three years for a successful adoption to happen. The important thing is not to lose patience in these matters.

Published by Kaushal Shah