I was approached by My Trending Stories about a little over a week ago to write for them, and since then I have posted two articles. None of those articles really explains who I am. So, I thought it would be fun to do 28 random facts about me. Why 28? I thought using my age would be most appropriate on how many random facts I would give you. These facts are not in any particular order...

1. I have a blog called http://www.itsabellalife.org

2. My middle name is Nicole. Growing up my mom told me it was spelled Nicole and my dad told me it was spelled Nichole. Weird huh?

3. My brother married Adrian and I on April 19th 2014

4. My favorite foods are Salmon, Pizza and Pasta

5. I really don't have a favorite color

6. I am terrified of the dark

8. I love to write and have always wanted to write a book

9. I can spell any word or sentence backwards

10. Sophia is my only child. I found out I was pregnant with her on January 1, 2014

11. I adopted our dog Jimmy from FAPS in North Carolina

12. I am a stay-at-home mom

13. I am addicted to youtube blogs and some blogs

14. One of my dreams would be to meet Drew Barrymore and work with her and her beauty company called Flower Beauty. 

15. I am terribly at folding laundry. 

16. I love to travel! I love being in an airport and nice hotels

17. My first job I used to dj at weddings with my neighbor.

18. Fall is my favorite season

19. My favorite tv show are: Pretty Little Liars, How to Get Away with Murder, The Walking Dead, and Shades of blue. I love tv shows!

20. I would love to have Jennifer Lopez's body, it's perfect. 

21. I am allergic to all shellfish

22. I am absolutely terrible at math

23. I am definitely a homebody

24. Adrian my husband changed professions this year to be a truck driver

25. I have a very active imagination

26. Hawaii is one of my favorite places to vacation

27. I am a Flexitarian

28. Adrian and I met down at Pinehurst Golf Resort. We were both working in their kitchen. I was in their pastry department and he was in their cooking end of it. We started dating for about one month before I moved back to Pittsburgh, and had a long distance relationship for a year and a half. Before I moved down to North Carolina. 


I hope you enjoyed getting to know me with 28 random facts. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment. If anyone reads this post comment me where you are from and a random fact about yourself! 

Published by Sarah Chavis