Exciting opportunities keep presenting themselves to me since I relocated here to Atlanta. I am officially interning for a writing coach and was just asked to provide content on a new site mytrendingstories.com. (go follow me there!) So cool, right?! Kind of.

I am beyond grateful and so blessed for the internship. I am learning so much and getting so inspired by Stefanie at Thewriteoneblog.com. It's an unpaid internship but I am getting exposure, information and training. Not to mention a writing coach for when I am finally ready to settle down and write a book.

The new site is just that. New. I will get exposure, experience and more learning. There are opportunities for compensation such as contests and potential collaborations, but again it's unpaid.

That really got me thinking. What is holding me back from getting paid for my work? Answer: Me. A little voice inside my head says, "you aren't good enough" "you don't have enough experience" "no one is going to want to pay for what you write about" "you just need to do more to be more". Yikes.

If I heard one of my friends talk that way about themselves I would slap them silly and tell them how wrong they are. How they need to put themselves out there. How someone will  find their voice valuable and they will be compensated for their gift to the world.

The day we learn to silence that negative voice with compassion saying, "I am enough" is the day that we allow life to grace us with everything our heart desires. That's the day we have courage to put our selves out there knowing we deserve everything that comes our way. Before long, our dreams are coming true.

Originally posted at www.myyearofhugs.com

Published by Melinda Schmitt