Christmas is arriving in just a few months, and you’re probably already starting to think about gifts for your daughter or niece.  This will require some thought because you wouldn’t want to give her something that she might have liked when she was younger but not anymore now that she’s 12 years old. You’ll want to strike that delicate balance of giving something to a girl who’s halfway between childhood and adolescence by considering the following gift ideas for 12-year-old girls like her this holiday season:

1. Tabletop games

Video games and a console might be a tempting gift to give to the 12-year old in your life, but you might regret it later if they grow up spending more and more time isolated in their room.

So instead of video-based games, try giving your 12-year-old relative a tabletop game this Christmas. Just ask your daughter or niece what they’re currently interested in, and chances are there’s a tabletop game that she would most likely enjoy. Best of all, she can invite her friends over to your house for a round of whichever board or card-based game you’ll give her this holiday season.


2. PopSockets grip

Founded by a former philosophy professor back in 2012, PopSockets started as a one-person operation selling phone accessories in his garage but has since expanded into a full-blown business with more than a hundred employees in three different countries. PopSockets owes much of its success to its best-selling product: a grip that sticks to the back of a phone.

But what makes PopSockets’ grip different from all the other ones in the market? And more importantly, why should you get it as a gift for that 12-year-old girl this holiday season?

Unlike most other phone grips, those manufactured by PopSockets are multi-purpose as they also function as a headset organizer and a horizontal standprovided you buy two instead of just one. Your 12-year-old family member would be happy to not have to worry anymore about their phone’s headset getting all tangled up. She’ll also be able to keep her smartphone upright while watching the latest episode of her favorite web series. Not only that, but she can also use just one PopSockets grip to avoid dropping her phone while texting or taking selfies using only one hand.

The top surface of a PopSockets grip comes in several designs too, some of which a 12-year-old girl might like. Or she can even have one customized via the PopSockets’ website.


3. Headphones

At 12 years old, your daughter or niece is most likely spending some of her spare time exploring new music. However, you probably don’t want her to be blasting her newfound tunes in her room using speakers set to full volume your neighbors might suddenly file a noise complaint against you!

You should thus give your daughter a pair of headphones this Christmas so that she can still listen to her music without disturbing anybody else. Any fashionable pair should do just fine though if you often ask her to run some errands or help you with household chores, she may not be able to hear you over their headphones. Good thing there are now bone conduction headphones that would let that preteen girl in your life enjoy her music and still be able to catch someone calling their nameso consider giving her a pair of those instead of the usual ones.

Gifts may only represent one-third of what people spend their money on for the holidays. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give Christmas gifts, especially if you have a 12-year-old daughter or family member who has always looked forward to Christmas as an occasion where they get to receive something from you. It may be a bit challenging to buy a gift for her — especially compared to a few years ago when she might have been content to receive some kiddie toys. Good thing then that you have the above-listed gift ideas for 12-year-old girls like her this holiday season to guide you as you go out and find something perfect.

Published by Elena Tahora