Ginger is the root of the Zingiber officinale plant, which is often used as a medicine in the West, a delicacy and fragrant herb in the East. While the benefits of raw and natural products are becoming increasingly popular in the West, the benefits of ginger Smoothie are also slowly becoming known in Western culture.

Ginger is known for treating nausea, joint pain and reducing your risk of cancer. There and four other benefits of gem smoothie will be discussed below.

1.    Treat Nausea
Ginger provides effective relief from feelings of vomiting, including nausea, cold sweat, and faintness. Science it has also shown that it is useful for pregnant women, people undergoing chemotherapy, car sickness and the prevention of nausea after surgery.
•    Ginger is more efficient for motion sickness.
•    Ginger is useful for relieving nausea and vomiting as a result of pregnancy.
•    Ginger reduces nausea caused by chemotherapy.
•    Ginger is more efficient than a placebo for preventing nausea after surgery.
2.    Reduces joint pain and other pains
When joints are inflamed, they begin to become painful. Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory drugs called gingerols and is useful for treating joint pain and different types of pain that arise for an unclear reason. Ginger has also been proven to be very useful in reducing knee pain in osteoarthritis patients, doctors are very keen making ginger an excellent choice for controlling pain in arthritis patients.

3.    Cancer prevention
One of the best long-term benefits of gem Smoothie is cancer prevention, due to the high number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory drugs. The most unique cancer prevention features of ginger come from the gingerols and paradols. The most exciting thing about all is that there is information that shows that gingerols can prevent the spread of breast cancer cells.

4.    Lowers blood pressure
Ginger has proven that it lowers blood pressure by widening the arteries. Lowering your blood pressure significantly reduces your risk of heart attacks and strokes, no matter how old you are.

5.    Gives your immune system a boost
Also, ginger has antiviral and antibacterial properties that boost your immune system and help to combat viral and bacterial infections. When combined with the benefits of gem smoothie to relieve the feeling of nausea, ginger smoothie becomes a powerful ally for treating colds and other diseases.

6.    Lowers cholesterol levels
Just like tomato smoothie, ginger smoothie also reduces LDL cholesterol levels and LDL oxidation. This is particularly valuable since high levels of LDL oxidation are associated with coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Low cholesterol levels reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes and also ensure correct circulation to all parts of the body that need it most.

7.    Stimulates digestion
One of the best benefits of ginger smoothie and what has been used for centuries is the power to treat digestive problems. And science has finally confirmed this. The ginger smoothie is beneficial for anyone with gastrointestinal issues.

 How you make ginger smoothie
As always, it is best to make your own smoothie instead of buying it in the store. So you recognize that there are no irritating artificial additives, preservatives, colors or flavors, it is 100% natural smoothie. Ginger gives every smoothie a warm and aromatic taste. If you are a fan of Eastern cuisine, you will love ginger smoothie very much. I found a good website Blender Versus to help you decide which blender that should help you make a delicious smoothie. I am a big fan, and because of this, I add an inch of ginger to each smoothie. It improves the actual taste of every smoothie you drink without being too strong.

Published by Mudassar Ali