Girl Meets Bear provided a very entertaining episode with a simple message. So this was an interesting plot that just had a really nice tone throughout. I loved how all the characters were interwoven in the Matthew's household, which made for a fun episode. So Maya is looking forward to a special taco day that comes around once like every ten years. Riley and Maya fall asleep and Riley wakes up to see her bear has mysteriously disappeared. 

I really loved Maya's talk about tacos. For some reason, if it were any other food, I'd think she was being irrational. But because it was tacos she was clamoring for, it made all the sense in the world. Her humor was really great in this episode. I love how devastated and over exaggerated she was over tacos. 

Additionally with Maya, we get an interesting subplot where Josh comes into play. It was such a weird timing as all the Zay stuff went down toward the end of the episode. I really liked Zay bringing up the cookie to Riley and appreciated Zay bringing up the car wash. What really surprised me was Zay telling off Josh. Where the heck did that come from?

Josh explains how difficult it is to transition to being in college, which is why he tells Riley to find that bear. I didn't mind the scenes with Maya and Josh, but I've got to say that I wouldn't mind Zay and Maya getting together. Plenty of people have referenced Zay being the Angela of the show, so maybe that theory does come to fruition. The two definitely have a very easy chemistry that can transition into more.

At this point, I don't care who ends up with who as long as there is some chemistry and continuity. I'll give some love to Riley and Lucas because they had a great scene together, where Lucas shares the gold he once thought was real. I haven't been a fan of these two getting together, but if they continue to show more depth like this episode, then I wouldn't be totally opposed. 

Okay, so now to the actual plot. I mean I didn't really care about Riley's bear, but I liked the many interactions with characters. I loved the Farkle and Topanga scene. It reminded me of why Farkle is my favorite character and the "old" Topanga. Riley retelling her sob story was funny, except why did Topanga and Cory leave Riley alone? I couldn't stay home sick alone until I was in middle school. 

The message was also nice and simple. Sometimes, it's good to let go of objects with sentimental value because the memory is still there, and it's still apart of your past. Nice message that translates to Maya and her relationship with Josh.

I also liked Cory getting all dad like when he hears Riley and Lucas are alone together. Besides that, I think my favorite scene was the final one with Riley, Lucas, Maya and Zay saying they were going to the movies together. Auggie saying he'll take Farkle was really cute and funny as well. 

Okay, so I've been hearing about this deleted scene. Basically, Riley hugs Lucas and Lucas makes the same noise the bear does in the beginning. Now some Rucas fans interpreted this as Riley replacing the bear with Lucas because now she has him for comfort. Other people who prefer Lucaya have said this is a clear sign that Riley will treat Lucas in the same regard, where she will need to let go of him eventually. 

I mean either way, it was taken out for a reason. Fans can speculate, but I do think the crazy amount of shipping might be the reason why. Having such an ambiguous ending will have fans going nuts. So I didn't mind it being cut. 

So with that, I'm giving the episode an A because it was such a fun episode. I loved the many interactions and surprisingly liked Zay and Maya's moments. I also really liked how simple the message was, along with the continuity. 

Published by Kavita Singh