In Girl Meets the Real World, we get an interesting look at how Riley sees the world. She has lived her entire life with a positive outlook, and it's one of the reasons we love her. But in this episode, we see Riley go over to the dark side. I love the assignment. Everyone else in the class answers the question of why people are good in the world, while Riley has to argue the "evil" alone. 

It's a great assignment because it makes sense as to why Riley needed it. While Farkle was able to argue for both sides during their debate, Riley failed to meet this, so she was assigned something we know the positive Riley doesn't believe in. As a quick sidenote, I really loved the Smackle and Farkle scene here, where she gets all flustered. 

However, when Maya shows Riley the news, we see Riley open her eyes to what's truly out there. Because of this, Riley gets in tune with her "Sassy Halter Top" devil on her shoulder and eats Zay's cookie. It seems so that she likes shocking her friends moreso than the act itself, but Riley enjoyed Zay's cookie and said it wasn't that good either. Ouch.

We also see Lucas, Farkle and Smackle try to convince Smackle to apologize. Smackle was funny again with her using the door because she wore a skirt.

This is when Auggie's storyline comes in, and I actually really enjoyed it. It was short and sweet. Auggie hears about the beach having so much garbage, so he decides to clean it with Topanga. The dinner scene was great because Auggie got the point of how treating the world affects how the world treats you. So if you want the world in conflict, there will be conflict. But if you want the world to change, then you can change it. 

So the debate comes around and Maya and the rest of the class make a valid point using Riley's actions to prove their point. Then Riley goes ahead and proves her point by taking both sides for the first time. Thus, Zay concludes that bad actions don't warrant a bad person, and he forgives Riley. And then Riley breaks out in her cookie song. 

The ending scene with the homeless man was confusing at first because I thought it should've been more Riley focused, but it was quirky and cute.

I'm gonna give this episode a B+ because I really liked the message here. It was a simple episode, but the conversations made it more complex and layered. The humor was great, and who doesn't love a classic teacher teaches the class a lesson episode. If I had to change anything, I'd have Riley maybe isolate all the bad things going on in the world rather than grouping them together collectively in one Google search. Also, we just got an arc on who Maya was, and while this had a much better message, the episodes are a bit too close for me. But overall, it was a fun episode, and it had the same feels as Permanent Record and Jexica so that's a good sign. Tune in next week for another episode of GMW.

Also, if you haven't signed the petition to move GMW to Freeform, do it because I want to see more of the show! 

Published by Kavita Singh