Girl Meets I Do delivered with a solid episode following the end of the messy triangle. I was glad the focus was simply on Maya's worry about Shawn and Katy. Maya goes from literally trying to force Shawn and Katy together to instead, wishing they didn't have to get married. Maya's fear that Shawn will leave her like her father did is ultimately what drives this episode.

Riley and Cory were so hilarious in this episode. While Riley tries to calm down Maya, she delivers several funny lines, including the door slamming banter. I also liked that she went to Topanga and told her to "Get her." But the line of the night went to Cory saying "Slumber party over." 

If you're a Boy Meets World fan, then you're going to love this episode. It actually reminded me of when Mike and Phoebe got married in Friends. It was simple and sweet. Feeny returns and he marries Shawn and Katy, which in hindsight is a pretty amazing gesture. I also really loved Auggie and Ava in the episode, especially when Auggie thought Feeny was his grandfather. Overall, the actual wedding was really well done with the interactions all feeling organic. The vows were wonderful, and I really liked how Shawn tied in how crazy it is that he ended up with Katy.

The ending scene with Riley and Maya was also great. I'm going to go ahead and give this episode an because Cory, Shawn and the adults all had great chemistry, but Riley and Maya's friendship was on fire in this episode, and I loved it. Hope you enjoyed my review. I'll be back next week with the next episode review.

Published by Kavita Singh