Hello, hello glamour babes! I’m so excited to talk about Girlactik Beauty’s Heaven’s Dust in Angel Gold. This is another cruelty free/vegan makeup company I found through Instagram that you simply must follow, their makeup is beautiful. If you don’t believe me you can always check out a Duane Reade near you and scope out the goods for yourself (wink). I am such a sucker for packaging especially ones that are girly and pretty like Girlactik’s.

How pretty and detailed is that lovely little damask box?! So cute, right?! I’m getting off topic, let’s focus on what’s inside the box, Heaven’s Dust, and boy is it heavenly, I can hear the angels singing right now (harps playing in background), lol.

Angel Gold is a soft shimmery peachy gold powder with small flecks of green, purple and gold sparkle.


The formulation of the powder is finely milled, loose, light weight, and silky producing a soft iridescent shine when applied, and is compatible for all skin tones. You can dust this shimmering highlighter powder on your décolletage, shoulders, and even your face, giving skin a lustrous glow. Girlactik ain’t kiddin when they say “This dust is like having crystals on your skin, it’s very glam in a sophisticated way!” Their description of Heaven’s Dust is on point! I loved seeing my skin glisten in the light.


The faint crystal effect felt magical, like I was Cinderella being transformed into a princess, thanks Girlactik Godmother, now where’s my Prince Charming?! Lol. I would not wear this powder as an everyday highlighter, I deem it more appropriate for night time, or for a special occasion, you know, weddings, birthday parties, happy celebrations. Heaven’s Dust is a wee bit sparkly for the office, unless you’re trying to go for the fairy sprinkled a little bit of pixie dust look, by all means go for it, I support your creativity, I’m only saying it was a little much for me.

To my surprise when opening Girlactiks clear sturdy container there was no powder puff that came equipped. I did not mind this, I never use them, too much product collects on the puff making a huge mess and waste of a good highlighter powder.


I prefer a powder brush to produce concise and even applications, granted there is some kickback due it being loose, but it’s not as bad when using a powder puff. Remember my trick, tap the container on a hard surface to bring the product back down into the container.

The wear of Girlactiks heavenly dust lasts a good solid 8 hours before the sparkling shimmer dims down, not bad at all for a $19 (4.50g/0.16 oz.) container of pixie dust, and a little goes a long way, so this should last you awhile.

So far Girlactik Beauty has won me over, I’m excited to see what their Face Glow and Star gloss has to offer, reviews to come!

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Published by Samantha Malin