There are so many things every girl needs to hear, especially at her teenage years.  A lot of things happen that they often are not aware of.  I was one of those girls and after many harsh experiences and dark days, I knew I'd let my kids know the reality of being a teenage girl.  

It was new to me, highschool, boys, new school, the whole thing was different.  I've never been one to jump right into the crowd, I liked watching from the outside, but there is so much I learned in 4 short years, that oddly enough altered my life forever.  When you are a teenage girl in a new place you are an easy target to any man.  I learned that the hard way.  To this day, I wish I could go back and change so many scenarios and not be so naive.  The first half of Freshman year, I became an "easy" target.  Not meaning that in a literal sexual way, that waited until I was 18 (when I was 15 my dad asked if I'd wait for any of that until I was an adult, so I did just that).  I remember this older guy had asked me to go to his place with him after school (he was a senior) so I did - what's a girl to do when a cute guy gives her the time of day? - when I realized what was about to happen I freaked.  Here I was, at 15, about to be taken advantage of by a 19 year old guy.  I got up and told him he better take me home...The next day, I was mocked because he told everyone he got what he came for and I was the easiest person... A total lie, I had rarely cried in my life at that point, but oh my word, emotions hit me like a freight train...To be so humiliated, angry, hurt, and embarrassed all at the same time was the worst feeling in the world.  And it didn't end there either!! Throughout highschool I somehow got labeled as a "sl*t" and people who I had never even heard of claimed to have slept with me... What made it worse is that there were girls who actually were "open for business" and they never got a bad glance passed their way.  That first experience shot all my ambitions for school down the drain.  By my sophomore and junior year I had suicidal thoughts, I partied just because I felt the need to drink.  It was the WORST feeling I had ever had.  The worst place I had ever been in my life, but I hid it.  I couldn't have anyone I cared about know what was eating me alive. Grin and bear it right? 

Eventually, every experience led me to an experience with God. I am no saint and I don't aim to be, I believe that if God truly loves me, he will accept me, swearing and all.  Anyway, I eventually had to accept that this is how people see me, even 5 years after highschool, a wedding in my future with the love of my life, a child, and a successful life, but I still get judged by people I used to know.  

Every girl out there needs to know what to expect in highschool, that there will be the most hurtful people there.  Don't ever give yourself away just because he said he loved you (stay tuned for that gem).  Stay 100% true to who you are.  You are unique and beautiful in your own way, don't let someone else tell you otherwise.  I have a stepdaughter and I pray that when she is in high school -way down the road- I can talk some wisdom into her and she will make better choices than I did.  Everyone learns their own way, but girls especially need to be alerted of what is to come.  Unfortunately, I wasn't that lucky.. Shoot, for starters instead of getting a talk about "that time of the month" I got a book to figure it out by myself.  Never was taught hair or makeup, how high school is, nothing.  I felt so alone, so let down by my parents for sheltering me.  Parents, let your girls know, for the sake of their being, what to expect in high school...The experiences and hardships they may face, so you don't find out later your child wanted to harm themselves because of stories, experiences, rumors, and heartbreak...

Published by Domenique Everett