“You’re a girl you wouldn’t know anything about sports”

When I hear a guy say this I won’t hesitate but to laugh in his face. I like to believe girls who love sports are rare. This girl is not afraid to get loud or get involved while watching the game. This girl will actually understand the game. And no, she doesn’t want to hear you talking the entire time, she wants to pay attention to the plays and hear the refs.

Most college girls are more concerned with what game day dress they are going to wear and what frat they will be tailgating with.

But this girl will actually understand the game. I’m not saying she’s going to know so and so’s career number of touchdowns or interceptions. But one thing she can do is hold a conversation about a sport. Preferably football.

The girl who loves sports will always keep you on your toes and  challenge your opinions. Not saying this girl is better than anyone else but she’ll be able to bring a little more to the table boys.

Published by Mckenzie Bowers