For some time now we as a society have come to want things given to us without any work involved in that reward. We have praised politicians that say they will give us free this or free that, but is anything really free. Let's take education, for example, one politician targeted most of his campaign on saying that everyone deserves this or that and that the government will give it to them for free. That sounds amazing, if I didn't know anything about anything then that sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. If I didn't know anything about how the world works and that someone will have to pay for that and I only worry about myself then yeah I would really be on board with that. However, I understand that these things are not impossible but improbable. They are never as they are made out to be.

It also astounds me that even if someone understands that these things are not possible, many still think that if something bad happens around the world or in our country or in our communities, that the government needs to step in a do something about it. Why? why are they the ones we cling to in times of despair? Shouldn't we look to each other and come together to solve it? Can't we as individuals come up with a creative solution to those problems instead of telling the state or federal government that they need to do something about it? Do we not have the creativity to solve them ourselves? I for one have come to understand that the government, in most situations, is definitely not the answer. Throughout history, it is shown that whenever the government steps in and tries to fix something wrong, they often create something else as a result. 

How about we try something new? Let's give free a chance, not free as in items being given to us or forced upon us as free, but freedom. Let's get back to being free to choose, say and do what we want. When did that go away? Now you cannot say anything without offending someone and them shouting that you are this or that. Let's get back to being able to voice your opinion and people having the respect to let you say those things even if you disagree with them without starting a shouting match. We have an opportunity to create something magical in this country. We have the ability to create something to aspire to for the world. We need to get back to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Opportunity is what this great nation is about. Yes things are not fair for all people and yes it is harder for others to achieve greatness, but saying that somehow these people in Washington can solve all our problems and create this just society in which everyone is equal is just not possible. Are they somehow smarter than you and I; Are they angels sent down from above to solve our problems? No, they are flesh and blood just as we all are. Let's stop giving them the power to dictate how we should live our lives and let freedom reign.

Published by Cody Turner