It’s ironical and unfair how the bathrooms are treated – they are the most frequently visited rooms in our homes and yet they usually end up overlooked and in need of upgrades. Well, it’s time to change this, it’s time you refreshed your bathroom! You need to be careful, however, as this project can get really expensive very quickly!

Start with cleaning

We clean our bodies in our bathrooms and it’s only fair that, every once in a while, we perform deep clean of the bathroom itself. After a good deep clean, your bathroom will feel like a completely new room!
Start with throwing out or storing away all those bathroom products that you don’t use every day – these items are one of the main culprits behind all that bathroom clutter. Store away that extra toothpaste that’s just lying around and give away those 3 extra half-full bottles of hair gel; you won’t need them!
Now, after you’ve purged and stored all those items away, scrub the room clean – from the floor and wall tiles, all the way to those nasty cobwebs in the corner.
Pro tip: soak your shower head in some water and vinegar!

Update the linens

Contrary to the popular belief, linens are nowhere near the cleanest thing in your bathroom; in fact, you should replace them quite frequently! For starters, all your linens are supposed to match or, at the very least, complement each other! Matching shower curtain liner will revitalize your bathroom focal point!
A lighter shower curtain will always open up and brighten your bathroom, while a darker one will serve as an accent piece – use this to your advantage!
Now, it’s time to take care of the bathroom mat and towels. When it comes to the former, make sure that it’s neutral, while matching the shower curtain and the floor. Towels, on the other hand should match the accent piece or serve as one.

Accessorize cleverly

A bunch of half-full bottles and bathroom supplements is not clever accessorizing! Clean and sophisticated accessories, however, are very much welcome. The hard part, however, is outlined in the fact that the accessories should always match the rest of your bathroom and in no way overtake it.
So what is exactly meant by ‘accessories’? Well, everything from toothbrush and toothpaste holders and soap dishes or dispensers, to the waste basket. Finding these in matching sets is easy and the only proper way to go about it!

Get a new bathtub…

…unless you’ve done so recently, seeing as how chances are that your bath is outdated and not really looking like a million bucks. There are many styles of baths available out there – from freestanding and those made of stone, to concealed and small ones. The bathtub will definitely turn into the focal point of your bathroom and if this is not the case, well, you’re doing something wrong! Make sure that your favorite place for relaxation after a long, hard day is devised and complemented properly!


No one likes a dim, gloomy bathroom – regardless of what they might be doing there. If there is something to be expected from this room, it’s that it’s supposed to be bright and well-lit. A vanity mirror with special lighting will help you create a great glow, but when it comes to ceiling fixtures, go with LED lights – they are energy-efficient, they pay off in the long run and are as close to sunlight as lighting fixtures get!

After giving your bathroom a makeover that it deserves, you’ll realize how important this actually is. Clean it up properly, accessorize cleverly, update those linens, get a killer bathtub and make sure that the room is well-lit!

Published by Emma Lawson