Sometimes, when we are too busy in working, we might totally forget to smile and also over stress ourselves. Our face look so serious, we release negative energy to our surrounding without our realization, our shoulder is always tense, our body is always standby for “war”. When people look at our tension face and listen to our tone, people might not even interested or try their best to avoid us.

Why should we make ourselves so stressful and tension? Just be mindful, whenever you feel like your body is tight and your mind is unclear, it’s the best time to go back to yourself and take a deep breath. Be at present! You might think that you are losing your golden hour for working when you take a short break, however this is not true as you can regain your energy after a few mindful breathing. You are more energized and relax.

Remember to smile even though you are so stressful! You know the difference of your mind and body when you are at ease. You feel so relax and that’s the best moment you can finish more work. I love to smile, make jokes and ensure our team members are surrounded by positivity and also always stay at chill and happy mood in work. When you are happy and full of positive energy, you can finish and complete your work faster as you are reducing the chances of making error.

Be chill, smile and always remember everything can be solved with a positive mindset!

Be happy in your work life as you are spending more than 1/3 of your time in office. Imagine, if you are not happy in working, you are going to ruin 1/3 of your life and definitely this will affect your 2/3 of your personal life.

Be happy and spread your happiness to your surrounding!

Remember to give your golden smiles anytime, anywhere!

Published by Hoh Li Jiun