Couldn't have been on a more perfect day or fallen on a better weekend! Right when a Beautiful long Summer is ending into a somewhat delayed but a long awaited Fall, whose colors some of us were dying to see is finally here #ILoveFallColors #FallisHere #IAmAnAutumnBaby and I am lovin' it!

If Gratitude was a super power I'd be one of The Most Powerful Superhero in the World today.
And if I would make a list of things I'm thankful for it'd go over a mile long, but for now lets just be grateful for the Bea - u- ti ful colors this weekend brought on everybody's Facebook photo albums, not just the backyards (*Wink Wink*).
Also, while it seems like half the people I know were at the Algonquin Provincial Park this weekend, (myself included), some did manage to make a touchdown at other Gorgeous scenic spots the country has blessed us with.

So, Thank You God! for blessing us with the luxury of taking out our time and the opportunity to witness the divinely bewitching natural scenic beauty of this delightful country....
Thank you for the lovely people we get to share these experiences with and make new memories ....
And Most of all, Thank you God for Long Weekend Holidays. (now Can I get an Amen?)

May you All have an great beginning of the season while the holidays slowly make their way to us and have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Published by Sneha Gaikwad