So friends, I have cried today. A lot. And it's not because of PMS, or getting a bad grade on a test... no. It is bigger than that.

Today I made a decision.

I made the decision to not drink in college.

Yes, coming from a party friend group in high school, this was not going to be easy for me. It was not going to be easy at all. But I knew this would be worth it.

After getting to college, I have realized what I want in my life. I want friends who will lead me closer to Jesus, not "drinking buddies". I want friends who will go with me on mission trips for spring break, not to  some crazy city in Florida. I want friends who instead of asking "When's the next time you're going out?" they will ask "How is your soul?".

I am certainly not making a generalization here, but from my experience, I have found that the best friendships I have are centered around Jesus and not partying. 

Maybe you lucked out and you have a great friend group who likes to party. But I, on the other hand, want something different. I want friends who will be life long sisters in Christ, who give themselves to Jesus wholeheartedly. I want friends who will want me to know Jesus more, not know him less. I want friends who I can laugh with, cry with, and be my crazy weird self with, without feeling like I have to be someone I am not.

Sure, I know this is not going to be easy. Sin is tough and the Devil is on a mission. But the most amazing thing I can hold on to is that Jesus is stronger than the Devil. Jesus is all powerful- and he has the strength to transform my heart. If you are going through the same struggle, know that he has the power to transform your heart too.

There are rewards waiting for me and you if we stop taking those sips that only lead to more emptiness. God does not want that for our lives- he wants MORE for our lives. Let's take the step together.

And in the end, we can be confident that there are endless rewards ahead.



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