Here are the main advantages Pocket size Power Bank 
Portable: This is, in a word, a charger is portable. You can bring it in the office, or while on vacation. It does not need sockets. So you can charge your phone even when you are in travel or vacation in the woods. The portability will certainly help you stay away from a terrible situation when the box runs out of life.

For that reason, you can not have multiple numbers of times. For example, you can charge your phone more than once. Also, if you go for a long weekend, the Chinese mobile phone power bank you can during the entire trip.

Taxes universal: Power Bank is a an amazing thing, it also acts as a universal charger. This means that it is for almost all types of devices. You can charger all kinds of mobile phones, like Android, Blackberry and  iPhone, and you can charger your camera and tablet and so on.

Practical price: It’s economical, and not too much pressure on your wallet.

Multiple sockets : the power of the banks are multiple sockets, allowing you to connect more than one phone.

Key ring charger that is compatible with all your devices. Includes MicroUSB+Lightning+Type-C
GIZMOPOWER is the only power bank you will ever need. 

There are already existing solutions for power cases and extra batteries, but they are either heavy or easy to forget. GIZMOPOWER for you to be extremely light and easy to carry. No need to carry any cable with you.

GIZMOPOWER power bank that is easy to carry around and fits right in your pocket. In case of emergency, you can count on GizmoPower to buy you the time you need.

Universal to all devices
Type-C + MicroUSB + Lightning
Short-circuit protection

The motherboard and battery are automatically protected if a short circuit occurs.

Automatic Charger Protection

Detects when the charger is inserted incorrectly and will automatically stop charging.


Ultra Slim 1000mAh battery that can charge your phone up to 30-45%. Which is why we call it emergency power bank. Visit:


While you charge your GIZMOPOWER, feel free to charge your phone through it.

In case of emergency just get the cable out and plug it into your device. It incorporates lightning charger that works with every new generation of Apple products, a micro USB charger and additionally, you get a type-c connector attached to your keyring.



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