I’ve not written about Technology before.
I suspect that every one of us has got a



Or Plainly – Crazy story to tell.


Thus, I’d keep this one short.

I’ve Searched for my Facebook Fan Page on Google.
Apparently, there’s something not too Brilliant about it,
Seeing the Page isn’t available.


To say the least,
Not even on Facebook is it found.


This so much so,
A Twitter Friend had been trying to find my Fan Page for the last two weeks.


I suspect she’d found it,
Seeing that what she saw me Post there, is a little higher English than what I Tweet her with.
She’s still learning English and so I’m trying to keep myself understood.


The BRILLIANT fact is this,
Some people’s Facebook Fan Pages had gone missing.
Someone created a page for this and have got, no less that 202 Likes on this page.


If ever you cannot see anything on my Page,
I’d have no idea when it will return.


Here’s my Twitter handle, not that I can add 10% of what I’ve done on FB,
On Twitter.
But then,
As soon as I got my Website going, I’ll post the Link there…

Hopefully, it would be even better than my Fan Page here…



If any of you like to hop on there or cannot find this page anymore.

Here’s HOPING our various pieces of Technology and Programs keeps going!


P.S.:     I’ve started with my FIRST Post I used on Facebook, thus I’m Updating them on here

and thus, this Problem had been Dealt with some time ago… I’m just adding my Post as I’ve noted them when I did Post them on the Other sites. Will increase my Post in Short time…

Published by Cobus Vermeulen