Hello World:

Welcome to my inaugural blog here at Trending Stories.  My name is Sadie and I am a global entrepreneur operating many large nutrition, skin care and health companies and the originator of The j20 Workout. 

During our time together here, my goal is to provide you with a real, complete yet simple to use education including useful tips to help look, feel and perform better than ever.  It doesn’t matter what you currently know about health and fitness, how old you are, what physical limitations you have or even how much time you can devote to this goal – there is a path to the best you ever and I will be there to help you find the way.

Speaking of time, many people believe that looking and feeling great is a full time “occupation” requiring a huge time commitment.  I am here to tell you that being fit and healthy does not cost you time; rather it saves you time.  I work 65 hours a week minimally and I have active family and social lives, so believe me I understand how time needs to be budgeted and I have become a master at getting fit fast.

Others believe that they are limited by not having great genetics.  Well, I don’t have great genetics, in fact, I have terrible genetics.  My entire family struggles with morbid obesity and my father died of heart disease when I was three weeks old.  I don’t share their problems because I was lucky enough to learn the things that I will teach you in this blog.

Still others believe that you need to read dozens of books and enroll in college courses to learn what you need to learn to attain a healthy weight and have super productive energy levels.  That is simply not true.  Everything you will ever need to know can be learned right here.

What you really need is motivation.  It was my motivation that ignited my passion for fitness and health.  I grew up without a Dad, in the shadow of heart disease, in a very real sense.  I wanted to know all that I could about this “thing” that robbed me of a Dad, something that the other kids had and took for granted.   Sparked by motivation I learned what I could from trial and error and talking with medical and scientific experts like the team I have assembled at Pure Chemistry.  Today, my health and fitness is a real lifestyle and one that takes very little time or energy on my part to maintain. 

You may wonder why this is so important in today’s world.  The truth is that we are in the acceleration phase of a true national crisis, one that the Surgeon General aptly referred to as an “obesity epidemic.”  Every year, the overweight population grows larger in proportion to those who are fit.  Recently, the medical costs of obesity were estimated by The National Institute of Health (NIH) to exceed over 100 billion dollars in annual health care.  Based on the obesity guidelines established by the NIH, almost 70% of the American adult population is either overweight or obese. And the numbers of individuals with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other weight associated diseases have skyrocketed.  At least once during the calendar year, most of the 70 percent of all overweight adults go on a diet.  In the US alone, dieters will consume over 60 billion dollars in diet related products.  Yet the numbers continue to get worse.   Given the pervasiveness of this “new age epidemic,” it is important that everyone understands the role that proper nutritional supplementation, along with good food choices and adequate exercise, plays in maintaining a healthy body weight.  That is the main goal of this blog; real world, usable education in nutrition, exercise and supplementation.   As one of the contributors to this great Trending Stories Blog, I will work tirelessly to bring good health, energy and fitness to everyone no matter their age or geographic location.  In the next installment, we will begin this incredible journey into lasting, vibrant energy and heath with a discuss of The j20 Workout.

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