The sound system was playing loud sombre music from a part of my crib as I approached home from another blood draining day at work. The traffic these days has made me so unaware of those little things around, I always just want to get into bed as fast as possible every day, to cool off before another day's arrival. I moved closer only to realize that it was the wake-keep service of my secondary school mate’s Dad. The atmosphere was tense and gloomy – people had questions to ask, but got no answers as replies.

I decided to attend against all odds to pay my last respect to the dead, wrapping my mind around the topical issue of life and death as the pastor’s sermon which I listened to with rapt attention gave a premise to these two opposing notions. The hymn All Will Be Well, bore every stripe of sorrow, yet carried a superior spirit of grace and of hope. I began to reminisce almost immediately about how I had felt in a similar situation some 10 years ago.* story for another time*(I’ll share it in fond memories of my Dad’s glorious exist in September).

Death deals people hard blows and becomes a pill too bitter we often find it very hard to swallow – because the greatest pain most times is in the fact that the people we love become bodies and these bodies never get to address us the way they use to. The annoying things they do, the smiles they put on our faces, the happiness they tender in our heart’s bank account—all that becomes a thing we’ll refer to as in the past. We’ll only try hard to make sure we keep them in the recess of our minds, not as human beings anymore but as thoughts. Death, is inevitable and we don’t know who’s next?

The bible deals extensively on this topic, Christian are to see dead as a higher calling unto a greater glory. We’re to redeem our times because the evil of the moment is enough for the moment and our only succour is SALVATION which guarantees us eternal life which is our ultimate as believers.

Life has it may seem to us is too short to be real. Our stay on earth is limited. Living a meaningful life is not an option but a priority. Counting each day as a blessing is of great essence. Living right is the best gift from you to you. Making a great impact in someone else's life is the greatest gift you can offer another. Living a good life isn’t about the luxury you can afford, or about the ill you can do to another, it’s about seeing everyday as your last and realising that every dawn is an opportunity to undo the wrongs of the past, because God isn’t done with you yet.

Be Kingdom conscious.

Until next time guys, Live right!!!


Published by Adefunke Bada