A driven busy gal who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.

It’s time to glow get it!

When life has you in the gratitude groove, achieve your true meaning within yourself by impacting people around you. Lightening your mood will have people gravitating around you.

This past week, I attended a panel discussion group where the topic was about feeling under appreciated or not feeling good enough at work. One panelist asked the audience, “Raise your hand if you have said to yourself or coworker how well of a job you have done a good job today”. I was the only woman who raised her hand. The panelist asked to give a round of applause for admitting to everyone and gave “positive self-talk”.

It’s empowering to realize how much influence you can be on yourself and set an example to live your best, positive life. Never apologize for being an ambitious, confident, and strong minded woman. Make the difference you want to be in the world. It’s All About Confidence!

Published by Erin Elizabeth