He stood ahead of her, dazzling in glittering golds, shimmering silvers, and ruby reds. His aura was a spectacular beauty she had never seen. Tessa knew who he was, of course, but never imagined his glow to be so magnificent in a kingdom of baby blues signalling content, and dreary greys showing misery.

He was a beautiful anomaly.

Before she could stop herself, Tessa was walking over to him. A guard stood in front of her and blocked her way, an auburn kitten stood next to him, back curved and tail in air, hissing viciously. Tessa looked at the man glowing in royal colours and he looked upon her. Both the guard and adorably scary kitten walked and trotted aside when this man raised his hands.



And the fairy tale began.

The bell loudly signalled for break, which panicked poor Tessa's heart. She hastily grabbed her things, thanked the gorgeous teacher though she had learnt nothing, and skipped out the classroom, around the corner, down to the school gate. Out of breath, she found him there leaning on the fence with his top button undone, smoking a cigarette, looking as hard as he had hit her last night.



Published by Phoebe Paperchains