4 years a go, I never chose staying long over going far. But today I did.

Staying in one town long lets me understand that town.

I can say I am very proud of me that I prefer to stay long to going far. I wanted to see the landscape and explore by myself, now I want people to let me know them and explore anywhere with me. The only thing that never changes is my curiosity. Destination was the most important thing to me, now people are the most amazing thing on my journey. The only thing that never changes is my longing to learn.

I do not know I am into what, sometimes it is about photography, sometimes I have interest in social research and sometimes I feel I am into teaching. Staying lets me choose what I really want, which I can not do the same thing when I am moving. When staying, people whom I stay with will let me know what I am into by telling their stories, their anything, little or much. I also get new friends, of course it never gets so boring and I am never alone or feel lonely.

I still like to mention Couchsurfing (CS). It’s the best way until now for me to live a life in a strange city. CS used to be my way of practising English but it is not like that anymore. Now CS is my way of getting to know people and understand a city thousands miles aways from mine. I used to say “I love a land because of people living in that land”, it works until now. I have no idea what it will be to me in the future, my way of thinking changes everyday. Maybe it will be “I love a land because I know my destiny is surely there”.

People say staying long is kind of boring, just stay until everything gets familiar then move to another. To me, it is going to be until the roads get bored with me, until the market does not want to see me anymore. Why not?

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