Both Manchester City and Leicester City excelled in their Champions League matches this week. Not only did they win their games, they also did it in style!

Manchester City took their early lead against Monchengladbach when Agüero netted a goal in the 8th minute. He then doubled the scoreline 20 minutes later by converting a penalty. Every kick of the ball was to his advantage!

In the second half Agüero continued to show his skill to the international audience. He netted his third goal in the 77th minute, warning himself a hat trick! He put his all into the game and it by all means paid off!

In extra time, Iheanacho was able to net the fourth goal for Manchester City. With no goals conceded, it was crystal clear which team was the victor and which team wasn’t.

A similar level of brilliance was displayed by Leicester in their match against Club Brugge. In fact, Leicester even took the lead earlier than City did as Albrighton netted the first goal of the match in the 5th minute. Talk about starting from the get go!

The second goal was netted by Mahrez in the 29th minute and he extended Leicester lead once again by scoring a penalty in the 61st. Leicester might be underperforming in the Premier League, but they’re definitely not committing the same mistake in Europe!

Manchester City and Leicester have begun the Champions League group stages with a lot of fire, a clear aim and an awe-inspiring display! If they continue like this, there won’t be any arguments about who the contenders for the trophy are.

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Published by Amarachi Orie