Are you hurt? ...mistaken? ...misunderstood? ...misjudged? ...alone? ...lost??

     Then, let them see who are you. Don't let sadness eat you. If you feel like your heart's gonna explode, just cry. Cry 'til you feel better. There's nothing wrong with showing how you feel, especially when you're hurt. Others might think you are over reacting, but just let them. It's you that matters.

     Don't let depression kill you. Do not ruin your life just because of something that's not true. Prove them that they are wrong when they say you are unworthy. Let them see how worthy you are because you have everything they couldn't have; that you are unique. If they say something untrue about you, and you feel like being betrayed and alone, just cry and let it go. They do not know you so well for them to think of about you that way. You know yourself better than them. Be strong enough, have courage and guts to face all of those who criticize you. If you think you can't bear those what they say, the way they see you, just cry and let that bad feeling out of you. Ending your life isn't the answer. If you do that, it's like you say that they are right. That everything they say about you is true. Do not let that happen. You know yourself very well. You are the only one who knows nothing but the truth. Do not let them rule your life. You can do it by your own just have faith.

Published by Lira Mae Centus