Making a decision isn't very easy and of course the decision making capability differs from people to people. Some are quite quick decision makers where as some are like me who take time, think about it, and finally comes to a conclusion after a lot of analysis.

How often do we take decision? Almost every day!

What to wear? what to eat? where to go?.....& whom to date? These are not so demanding decisions and that is why we are not so carried away with it. I remember it was quite difficult for me to choose the stream for graduation. The lectures of my teachers were so motivating that I had picked up English Literature to be a teacher like them but finally ended up doing Business Administration.

Indeed it wasn't a good decision!

But somewhere a bad decision can only make us feel which way do we really want to go. Never hesitate before picking up if your heart says yes to it, do not look at the consequences before execution. You never know what the destiny holds for you.

Believe that the decisions you make are yours. You will be solely responsible for the results of your decisions. People may stand with you when you are happy with your decision and may not even care in times of crisis.

Things are either easy or tough, right or wrong, that's why choosing one over the other is necessary. You may take time but cannot overlook. Reading though, simply apply this on any present situation of yours and answer to yourself what is that decision that asks your immediate attention. You may find a quick answer now without any confusion.

Published by Shreyasi Das