As children of God, we have power and authority over the devil. And we are to use that power and authority for good…and for service to others. A few days ago I posted several articles about the full armor of God on my website and several of my blog sites: A Soldier in God's Army - Getting Dressed for Battle.

This morning I read an article by Jennifer LeClaire, Jennifer LeClaire Calls Watchmen and Warriors to 'Oil the Shields' Read Jennifer LeClaire's article here

God faithful to confirm His Word! There were several things that spoke to me in Ms. LeClaire’s article:

  •  When Scripture leaps off the page, we need to pay attention to what the Lord is trying to show us. In this encounter with the written Word of God, verse 6 also spoke to my heart. It reads: "Go, station a watchman; let him declare what he sees."
  • We must prepare for the spiritual battle in this season. We must give heed to the watchman's ministry in this hour so they can warn us of the impending attacks that will surely come. We must oil the shields, or as another translation puts it, "anoint our shields."

I would encourage all to read this insightful article.

Stay Blessed!


Published by Dr. A. Francine Green