Hello everybody!
I just wanted to share a short post about my favorite tv-shows at the moment that I am watching. I also have a lot on my list that I would like to start watching, but I thought that for starters I should share a top 5 of the ones that i am currently watching!  

  1. Criminal Minds
    I just love this one! I love that it is about psychology, as it has always interested me, so it is a perfect tv-show for me. I love when I get to think about things while I watch a show and of course I totally like the feeling when I guess who the killer is! I could like so easily be a part of Aaron Hotchner's team! 
  2. The Big Bang Theory
    Oh Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and rest of the gang! Oh dear god, I have cried and laughed so much with these guys that I stop myself sometimes and think about if TBBT is healthy for me. I agree with my self that it probably isn't and continue watching! 
  3. Bones
    Bones, yet again a crime series. Again it's the same reason. I get to kind of participate in solving the crime and it does not hurt that I learn a couple of new things... Like the word phalanges... Not that i just go around in town and yell "Hey, you have phalanges, I also have phalanges", that would be wierd, but it's always great to learn new things!
  4. Orange Is The New Black
    Piper, the main character, had been transporting a suitcase full of drug money for her girlfriend Alex and is now in prison. I prison we see how Piper and Alex reunite and how they live in a women's prison. It may not sound that interesting, but it really catches your attention! 
  5. Pretty little Liars
    The Last one I want to talk about is PLL. It is a drama show and is about a group of girls who are harassed by someone under the name A and makes them go through a lot of painful things. It makes you interested in seeing how the girls handle the different situations and you kind of also get to guess who A might be as different stories and secrets undfold. 

    That was just a little post I wanted to share with you guys about the tv-shows i am watching at this moment. Maybe you will find some of them interesting as well. 

    That was all for now! Byeee 

Published by Elma Omukic