Have you ever looked around and found yourself completely caught into the monotonous routine of your daily lives? You wake up at the same time, have the same breakfast, go to the same places, meet the same people. Having a peaceful rhythm, can be good for the achievement of your goals and maybe fits your expectations for comfort and easy-goingness. It kills all the passion and all the excitement, too.

I feel comfortable when I 'check off' the items of my daily routine list. (It needs a lot of improvement, to be honest, but this is a whole new topic to cover.) I sometimes feel scared of going to places that I am not familiar with because it can get complicated; or meet people because of having this fixed mindset that I will feel anxious and will have a huge difficulty with leading a conversation. This anxiety has caused me a lot of problems, I realize: I've preferred to stay at home, around the familiarity and the convenience, I've postponed too many meetings, I've said 'no' too many times. Just because it's easier to stay in the routine instead of break it down and do something new.

So, this is how I found my next BIG goal: bring back the excitement of life.

In order to make it happen, I will do something new every week or go to a new place every weekend. Looking at the calendar, it hit me that I have less than 6 weeks left in Madrid and so many things on my bucket list (okay, this is not true - I haven't written it yet, but you get the idea) - and time is passing so quickly. I just can't believe that I've been here for two months and a half already. Two months and a half!

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Back to the topic, the world nowadays provides so many possibilities to enjoy and excite yourself; to explore and to become enriched with experiences. It can be simple things like going to a new cafe or a restaurant (in Madrid, it is a countless number! and most of them are so cosy and chilled that you never want to leave), or a little bit more complicated and yet worthy experiences such as traveling to a new place, alone or with friends. To be frank, going somewhere by myself does not make me feel as excited and happy as sharing this trip with someone because it seems like a little bit lonely activity. However, it might be a good way to stay by my own and to set my thoughts free. As Guns n' Roses sing in one of my favorite songs: ' Everybody needs some time... on their own'. It can be a high quality time, and that depends on your perception and motivation.

I will also cook at least one dish that I've never tried before. Don't you get tired of going to the supermarket, buying the very same food and eating the very same meal all the time? It is time-saving and easy but brings me no excitement. The Internet (Pinterest, uncountable cooking websites and lifestyle blogs) is overloaded with delicious recipes that can be an easy salad with interesting self-made dressing, or a sophisticated dish with ingredients that I have never heard before. I need to change my way of eating, too, and start to eat more healthy and clean. Unfortunately, I'm the type of a person who will eat exactly what they feel like eating and I will spoil myself with chips and pizza, and packaged food that my body does not react well to. It's a moment of satisfaction compared to hours of feeling too full and lousy; and it does not make my feel better about myself. I've recently found a great Bulgarian blogger whose blog inspired me so much  that I 'stole' some recipes ideas from her. Her lifestyle and way of perceiving the world resembles the one that I would like to adopt: creative, inspired and full of joy and love.

These are just little steps to fulfilling the main goal: feeling excited about life. It's good to have something that you look forward to because it gives you the energy to complete your daily tasks and the motivation to get things done. Without excitement, your enthusiasm about anything in life is dying away and even following your routine becomes impossible and power-draining. Sometimes, you need adventure to feel enriched and refilled. Really, start with the little things. Because, you know, they lead to the big.

And you, will you break the routine?

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Published by Iliyana Dadarova