What is your aspiration in life?

As·pi·ra·tion (n.)

   ― A hope or ambition of achieving something.

After high school, this should be one of the most difficult question that you could ever asked to yourself. Throughout those four years of your life, you've been preparing for the goal that you’ve been thinking or planning to achieve. An obligation to embark into your life. 

What is a goal?

Goal (n.)

     ―  The object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

I am now in College and have been dealt with a bunch of situation that you couldn't even possibly think about in high school. As you are thinking College would be the biggest momentum of your life, which is not. There are still a bunch of things that you need to know, which makes Collage the biggest expedition in your entire life. You will get hit by these responsibilities and obligation that you can't even imagine what is going on. This will cause you a few set backs, in order for you to move forward. As for myself, I have disappointed a lot of people in my life and also including myself. In this journey, I've learned that mistake is not a worry, mistake is part of your life as a growing process, and it is also building process as a person. Mistake takes a huge part on yourself more than any other else in your life. You will learn to solve your way out, instead of depending on people around you. You can also manage to depend on someone and still can manage to be independent at the same time. However, you need to understand that they will no longer always going to be there; as they are, themselves have a different path and challenges in their life.

As for yourself, you are responsible on what is happening on your life and surrounding. You create who you are, by building your character as the person you wanted to be in the future. Being the better person as you are years ago, and it's all part of growing. You will never be the same person as you are before; therefore growing is a part of the human process/progress.

Creating a goal is just the easy part. However, maintaining and creating is the tough part of it. In order to do so, you have to be passionate about what you are pursuing.

Pas·sion (n.)

     ― Strong and barely controllable emotion. A strong will.

Finding your passion in life is one of the biggest part of your journey. Your passion is the path that you are creating, by pursuing your goals that leads you to your future self. Your passion in life must be the reason on pursuing your goal or maybe goals that are/is leading you to your aspiration. Aspiration is the one that's have establish or will establish your future self. Being passionate, patient, and self driven is the key to build your goal and accomplish them ― it's also the thing that you need to be eligible to attain your goals in life. However, the choices and decisions are all based up to yourself's perspective of your future self. Creating what you envision on pursuing and accomplish them. Remember: nothing is a bad decision, everything can change, every problem have a solution, and that you can control everything. Now, it's just all up to you.

Published by Natasha Nicole