Most of the time when people travel they seem to want to have someone travel with them.  Even those who prefer to travel alone like to be assured that they will safely reach their desired destination.  Whether alone or in a group, knowing the journey will be safe is always a concern.

    As God is leading the Israelites through the desert, He has a conversation with Moses.  In Exodus 33:14-15 we hear part of the conversation.  “GOD said, “My presence will go with you. I’ll see the journey to the end.” Moses said, “If your presence doesn’t take the lead here, call this trip off right now.”” (The Message)  God had given them a promise of a land flowing with milk and honey, but Moses’ reaction was, ‘Lord if you’re not leading, I’m not going.’

    That should be our constant thought.  If God is not the one guiding us, then we should reconsider our journey.  If God is not in charge, the chance of success is lessened.  If we allow Him to be in total control of all we do, we need not be concerned about the outcome.

Published by Ray Richards