Earlier this week I made some phone calls to update our mailing address, since we recently moved.  One of those calls was to our insurance company, and I was informed that we'd also need new policies issued since we'd moved to a different State.  So the representative and I spent some time going over the policy adjustments and costs, figuring out what I'd need to pay going forward and how we could keep the rate low.  (She was so helpful!)

The new policy came to a certain rate, but if I paid that day our rate would be less per month.  Of course I'd pay right away!  Looking over our previous plan, she noticed our automatic payment was due the following day - something I hadn't even thought about.  She was able to stop that payment and start our new plan instead.

I don't share all this to brag on the insurance company, although they're fantastic.  Rather, I share because God provides.  The littlest details; I was able to call and make adjustments before our next payment was due, instead of having to pay double.  We also were able to keep the monthly rate near the same as what we had before.  And, our conversation ended before naptime did.

If these little details hadn't worked out as they did, would He still have provided?  Absolutely.  It would have looked different, but He would have provided.  We could have paid double, the rate could've gone up significantly, Levi could have woken up and screamed -- and He would have provided for each of those things.

There is great peace, indescribable peace, that comes with knowing and believing that He provides.  Seeing how He provides over and over and over increases our faith to believe He'll provide in the future.  He is good!


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Published by Amy Parsons