There are a lot of preachers telling you to sow, tithe or do other religious duties to get something from God. They tell you that you need to do something to have your needs met by God. Not to long ago I heard somebody say you can give your way out of debt, and a preacher on a well known christian tv channel told everybody that if they just gave a certain large amount of money he promised they would be healed.


Grace is the way we are saved and grace is the way we live our lifes as a christian. If the flow of grace stops in our lifes we will have fallen from grace. Fallen from grace brings us under condemnation and Gods wrath and our needs will no longer be met. We can even run the risk of loosing our salvation if we stay in that state. (Gal 2:21, 5:4)


God wants to meet our every need. He wants to heal us, prosper us, protect us, guide us, comfort us. He wants your bills to be payed, He wants you to have enough money to buy clothes for yourself and your children and to send your kids to the best school. He wants to heal you of cancer, diabetes, cataracs and deafness. He wants you to have children. But He cant give you these things because He cant bless unrighteousness. He can only provide for the righteous. (Deut 28:11-13,1.John 1:8-10, Rom 3:10, 7:18)


Sin changed this world and introduced disease, poverty, hunger, sickness and emotional distress. We are now suffering the consequenses of Adams fall and the consequences of our own sin.


When Jesus died for us on a cross He said it is finished. So He was sacrificed so we could become righteous. (Rom 3:22). Being righteousness gives you forgivness for sin and makes sure your needs are met. (Eph 1:3, 2:8-10, Gal 6:14) So being righteous guarantees a continued flow of grace from God to meet all your needs and to make sure your sins are forgiven. You can only be righteous by faith in what Jesus did for you at the cross, and you can only have your needs met by faith in what Jesus did for you at the cross.


When a preacher is telling you that you need to do something to have your needs met, then they are in actuality saying that the sacrifice of Jesus was not enough. They are mocking God and calling Him a liar. There is no doubt about it, we are saved by faith in the death of Jesus, we are kept saved by faith in the death of Jesus and all our needs are met by faith in the death of Jesus.


It is all because of grace (2.Cor 12:9), and grace can only come to us through faith in the cross. But grace can be stopped (Gal 2:21). It cant be stopped by what we do or dont do, but if our faith is no longer in the cross it will stop. Without grace we will loose our salvation and we will no longer be provided for by God.


So if you want God to meet your needs, if you want God to forgive you for your sins and stay out of hell, make sure the object of your faith continues to be the cross of Jesus Christ and His blood.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I will return on monday with more teachings from the word of God. If you need prayer or a prophecy, dont hesitate to contact me.,

Published by Apostle Ernie