1Peter 3

Since marriage is God’s design it might be a good thing to stop and look into His book for what He wants us know about this topic. Husbands and wives are God’s design, they are one of a kind and they are made to match Him. “in the image of God He created them.” Together they are “fellow heirs of the grace of life.”

Peter writes “in the same way” meaning as Christ submitted, so husbands are to submit to God in the same way He did. Peter gives the husbands two simple directives: “treat” and “show.” He is to treat and show his wife honor or respect for two have become one. Peter inserts the words “she is the weaker vessel” meaning she is like a priceless piece of china. Weaker has nothing to do with her value or her worth. She is weaker by design so that a husband can care, protect and provide for her. That was and is God’s design.

God brought Eve to Adam and the two became one flesh. “Then the Lord God made a woman from the part he had taken out of the manand he brought her to the man.” Now Adam treated/dwelled together with Eve as the weaker vessel; the fragile vase that was precious and God created.  He said she is flesh of my flesh, and taken out of “me.” This is the spiritual truth of the intimacy of marriage.

Peter says if you do these two simple steps nothing will hinder or stop your prayers. Prayers are hindered when we fail to obey and submit to the ways of God.

Photo Credit: BenWhite/Unsplash with Author’s Caption

Published by Gaye Austin