1Peter 3 Jesus lived a mere 33 yrs more or less. He went about doing good, healing and raising people from the dead. But in the end, all of the good he did was seemingly washed away by men’s hatred, bigotry and a denial of who he was. Peter is writing to believers who are facing trials and persecution. How do they and we understand his words:  “For who is going to harm you if you are devoted to what is good?” [1Peter 3:13]  when they see what happened to Christ? Or how about what Paul asked: “Who will separate us from the love of Christ?” [Rom 8:35]

How do we square those questions to present day sufferings that are unimaginable or when we read about those believers who are languishing in prison just because they believed in Christ?  Here in the west, we have not “yet” faced such persecution but we do face mocking and scorn for believing.  Beloved this is our preparation time.  We must remind ourselves of Peter’s first words: you are protected by the power of God.

Peter wants you and I to know that no matter what the enemy flings our way we are protected for eternity. God has placed a firewall about us so that “When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not harm you.” [Is 43:2] and He will be a firewall around you and the source of glory about you. [Zech 2:5 author’s paraphrase]

Are you facing a trial which seems to have no end? Trust God that no matter what comes your way know that God’s firewall is surrounding you.

Photo Credit Connor Jalbert/Unsplash + Author’s caption

Published by Gaye Austin