Sometimes our walk with God is not easy, and one of the most challenging parts will always be the silence of God. I dont know dear reader about your situation if you have experienced the silence of God, but if you do, I can guarantee it is not easy. It can best be compared to going to the doctors office when you where a child having to take a shot, being wery sceared for the injection and the pain and your parents told you to "just relax it will not hurt". You knew back then you could trust your parents, if they said it wouldnt hurt then it would not hurt. But at the same time you had this lingering doubt in your mind because you had heard so many of your peers telling you how sceary and awful the injections at the doctors offices used to be. So in your mind you already had this image of the doctors office as a place of torture, this image that was based on your peers opinion was conflicting with your parents and what they told you. 


Each and every day of our life is a constant battle between what the Bible says and what the world says. The Bible says in Matth 6:33 we are not to worry, our Father in heaven will supply all our needs. The world says, worry, be sceared and fear the future. Fend for yourself and fight to keep what is truly yours. The Bible says in Rom 3:10 there are no righteous people alive today, not one and everybody deserves hell. The world says, trust in yourself, your own goodness and your own strength. We are in a constant battle between our peers opinions and what our heavenly Father tells us. 


When you where a child your parents didnt force you to choose to believe their claims about the doctors office. You where free to choose to believe the doctor was an evil man who just wanted to torture little children. Of course it was a lie, but you where free to choose to believe that lie. Or you could choose to believe the truth your parents told you. But in the end, nobody forced you to believe their side of the story. You where always presented with two sides and had to make a choice on which side you wanted to believe. 

The choice was always either to believe your parents and what they promised, or believe your peers and what they promised. 


Each and every day we are faced with four different voices in our life. The world, the flesh, the devil and our heavenly Father. They are all talking to us at the same time, trying to get our attention. We have to choose which voice to listen to, and when we choose to listen to our Father the other voices will always do the best they can to drown Him out. 


Do you remember when you where a child and you chose to believe your parents and their promise about the doctor? Believing in them and what they told you always increased your memory of what your peers had told you. It was a strange thing, but you often found yourself being more and more sceared of the doctor, needles and shots when you believed the promise of your parents. But if you didnt believe your parents and chose to believe your peers instead you would often find you fear level decreasing compared to believing what your parents said to you. 


Our peers who sceared us back then with horror stories about the doctor was not actually trying to help us. They didnt tell us these things out of love for us. They lied to us and had a real kick out of seeing us accepting their lies. It made them feel powerful because they saw they had the power to give us fear by telling us lies. Even though we are now adults this has not changed, we still have a bully in our midst who gets a kick out of lying to us. Back then the school yard bully felt powerful if he could lie to us and get us to believe his lies. He of course knew that our parents where telling us the truth and by making us believe his lies we gave him our trust. We transferred our trust from our parents to the schoolyard bully. So in fact we empowered him by choosing to believe his lies instead of believing the truth being told to us by our parents. That bully had no power in himself. He could not force us to believe his lies, but we had the power to trust him instead of our parents. So he did everything he could to get us to transfer our trust from our parents to him. If we did the consequences would be an increased fear level. 


This has not changed but now our shoolyard bully is gone and the real culprit is exposed. The devil was defeated at Calvary when Jesus died for us. So he has no power in himself. But he still has the authority to lie to us. So he is allowed to do his best to tempt us into transferring our trust from our heavenly Father to him. And if we do, the consequences will always be an increase in fear level. 


I dont know your situation dear reader, I dont know what kind of challenges you are facing. But I do know this, you are sorrounded by the voice of the world, the flesh and the devil who are trying to tempt you into believing their lies instead of our heavenly Father. The world is screaming at you to use their ways and their methods to meet your needs. The flesh is screaming at you to trust yourself and telling you the lie that deep down inside you are actually a good person. The devil is agreeing with both of them and trying to tell you why you should trust both the world and the flesh. All the while your heavenly Father is telling you that He is your healer, your provider, your deliverer, your great tower of strength. He is telling you that He is your doctor, your lawyer, your banker and your best friend. All because of the cross of Christ. 


Your heavenly Father will never force you to believe His promises and the world, the flesh and the devil have no authority to force you to believe their lies. You have the authority to choose who to believe, and your choice will always bring consequences in one way or the other. You will be held responsible for your choice by your heavenly Father, for choosing to trust the world, the flesh and the devil is choosing law instead of grace which makes Christ to no effect. 


Back then as a child I remember how much I wanted my parents to make the doctor go away. I didnt want to go through that ordeal and have that shot. But I had no choice, I had to have that shot for my health. I had to go to the doctors office to have that check up or else it would affect my health in the end. So I had a choice, I could do it trusting in my parents and their promises or I could do it trusting in the lies of my peers. 


Right now there are things we have to go through, its a part of being human. Being saved doesnt excempt you from lifes challenges, you still have the power to make sinful decisions with detrimental consequences. You will get sick sometimes and have emotional challenges. But when it happens you have a choice, to listen to the world, the flesh, the devil or your heavenly Father. The choice you make determines the outcome of your challenge. It will either be victory or defeat, healing or death, wealth or poverty. Nobody will force you to make that choice, you will have to do it for yourself. But when it happens, you will run into something else which is the silence of God. 


Choosing to believe your heavenly Father is choosing to believe His promise is true even if you dont see it right now. 1. Tim 6:12 says that we are to fight the good fight of faith which is choosing to believe despite the circumstances. Believe what? Believe that the blood of Jesus meets all your needs even if you dont see your needs met right away. When you choose to do this, the world, the flesh and the devil will change tactic for a while. They will know they can no longer tempt you to believe their lies because you have now accepted the truth. So now they will try to tempt you to doubt that the blood of Jesus is enough by making you question why your needs are not met yet. 


When you where a child and had to go to the doctors office you had to make a choice to trust your parents. You didnt see any fullfilment of their promise until the doctors visit was over and you could know for yourself that he was not an evil man wanting to torture little children. Your parents promised you it would be ok, but you had no proof of them telling the truth until it was all over. Then you could know for yourself they where indeed telling you the truth. Until that happened you had to choose to believe your parents, choose to believe they where indeed telling you the truth. You had to make that choice based on your previous knowlegde of your parents. So many times during your childhood you had seen they where indeed trustworthy, you could trust them to come through on their word. 


When you believe the blood of Jesus is enough to meet all your needs you will sometimes have to make a choice to believe that to be true, even if you dont see it yet. Believing the blood of Jesus to meet all your needs doesnt remove the cancer right away, in fact it could even get worse. It doesnt provide you with instant money, in fact your poverty could suddenly increase. Even if the world, the flesh and the devil turns up the volume it doesnt change the fact that the blood of Jesus is enough to meet all your needs. The blood of Jesus gives you healing, provision, protection and forgivness if we will only believe. 


So how do we handle the silence of God? That period of time in our life when we are so desperatly longing to see the fullfilment of Gods promise to heal us, provide for us, protect us, deliver us and guide us if we only believe the blood of Jesus is enough. How do we answer back to the world, the flesh and the devil who tries to tempt us into doubting the blood? 


We look to the cross, we see with our minds eyes Jesus Christ being sacrificed to God as a payment for our sins. We understand that we deserve hell, there is no doubt about it, we sinned and we deserve hell. But He loves us so much that He gave us Jesus Christ as a sacrifice to Himself for our sins, we only have to believe. 

So when the world, the flesh and the devil turns up the volume and tries to make you doubt if God is able and willing to meet all your needs, trying to make you doubt if it is really true you can live by grace through faith in the blood, you point them to the cross. 


You answer them back by saying to the world, the flesh and the devil that I did not deserve Jesus being sacrificed for me. But He did it anyway, so I know that when He gave me Jesus He will give me everything I need. When the world, the flesh and the devil asks you how you know that to be true, you point them to the old testament and tell them how God promises to give us Jesus. 


The old testament is the story about the ultimate sacrifice that would be given to us from God for our sins. It was never a sacrifice to the devil, God gave Jesus as a sacrifice for Himself just the way He gave a ram to be sacrificed instead of Isaac. All through the old testament God promises this would happen. It happened the day Jesus came to earth, and when He died on a cross all of Gods promises of providing us with the ulitmate sacrifice for our sins was fulfilled. So because of the cross we know He is trustworthy, we can trust Him and we know all our sins are payed so we owe nothing to God. But we also know that all of Gods promises to provide, heal, deliver us is fulfilled in the death of Jesus. 


So when you come up against the silence of God, look to the cross while you are waiting and remind yourself that if He has given us Jesus, how much more will He give us everything we need for this life if we only believe in the death of His Son for our sins. 


Thank you again dear reader for taking the time to read this. I hope it blessed you and if you need prayer or a prophecy, please contact me so I can serve you. 

Published by Apostle Ernie