Have you ever just woke up, drank some coffee, had breakfast and lied down to your bed without knowing that later that day you will go for a little "hike"?

Yea, that happened to me yesterday. I woke up and after some "morning rituals" went back to bed with a book in my hand watching him working in front of the computer. I was like "okay, this one days will be very casual, so let me just cry a little while reading a very sad book". 

After like two hours a friend called him and they chat a little and after he hung up he was like "are you done already? We are leaving in ten..." Okay, well let me grab my stuff and we can go.

You know those unexpected happenings are the best ones, we all know that very well, am I right?  So, we went by a car a little while and after that we met up with his  football team mates and climbed and climbed and climbed like three mountains, grass was like knee high, we were sweating all over, but laughing it would be a good idea for a soccer practice (believe me, they would die). After I looked down, I was pretty impressed, how high we are (just because I live in a flat area and this is like a real miracle to me, just because I don't get to go to nature so much).


I really like trips like this (who doesn't), because I can really look down and say, okay I made it to the final line, yass! (This is  btw. situated in my "home country" - Slovakia. We actually don't have sea, but we have this. Exactly this- quiet mountains full of mysteries.)

After a couple of minutes (*sweat alert!*) we finally came to our destination,to a little lake, fishing spot.
Guys started to unpack their stuff, couple of them went to look around for some mushrooms (eatable ones for omelette of course) and there has been a lot funny situations because guys trying to embus the inflatable boat?

I know it is not a fancy place to look for, but I like it. I have always been in love with places like this one for example. It has the beautiful peaceful vibe,place you can call home, that I really really need to just turn off and just listen to the silence, while looking at him sitting in front of me having his head in thoughts, exactly like I do. Sometimes you find adventures where you wouldn't really expect them. I like those quiet moments we have together....you wanna know why?

I will tell you next time and you don't want to miss it.



Published by Nina S