(I wonder where that tunnel leads) 

With the final drafts of the Storm Trilogy handed off to my editor, it's the perfect time to go away, which is exactly what I have done. I'll be gone until Monday the 12 and when I return I hope I'll have lost of fun stuff to blog about. Right now I'm in stress mode with packing, working, and getting my shit together for my editors. It's weird how this will be the last time I send my trilogy off to them. That's a sad thought. 

My baby is finally all grown up. 

Luckily I will be away so I won't be thinking about it that much. I've never done this before though. It's pretty smart to plan a trip while your work is being edited, less stressful. Hopefully I won't have my mind on it and I can enjoy myself. I'm not going to tell you just yet where I am traveling, I'll probably just post my pictures once I get back. Maybe I'll take picture of my hand in various places and create a collection of pictures. How stupid do you think I will look? I bet people will look at me like I'm insane...I'm gonna do it.

Travel on my friends! 

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